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Single or Box: Box of 25 Cigars, Single Cigar. Great cigar for a new smoker who wants something more medium and not The Delicias is a wonderful choice for smoking now or ageing, smooth and well balanced, slightly lighter than the Cadetes KDT. Optional Packaging Options (Cigars Only): We recommend having your boxes Opened and Inspected to prevent mould or plume on your cigars, any cigars not inspected will not be eligible for refunds or returns due to plume. Fonseca Delicias Review: This one is the only machine-made model of Fonseca brand. Stronger tobacco taste than the Invictos, which make them overlap their flavours. Good ageing potential that makes them clear up the tobacco taste to become a "refreshing" habano. Fonseca Delicias is a 40 Ring Gauge x 123mm cigar.

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1-2 Werktage. CHF 5.50. inkl. MwSt. zzgl.

The taste associated with a Fonseca cigar is a mild sweetness and aromatic herbal quality. The mild quality of the Fonseca brand means that it offers a chance for beginners to exercise there palate with a Cuban.

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Size: 4 7/8 x 40; Strength: Mild; Don Francisco Fonseca founded his brand in the 1890’s. A handsome man, who cared deeply for appearances, he passed his sartorial precision on to his cigars, which he dressed in silky tissue paper – a tradition that continues to this day on all the Habanos that bear his name.

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Fonseca delicias

Fonseca Delicias is a Petit Corona vitola, with a 40 ring gauge and 122mm of length. FIlled with a luxurious tobacco blend, this hand rolled cigar is finished with a delicate white paper that carries the band, leaving this stick naked when smoked.

Fonseca delicias

Ring Size : 40 Shape : Petit Corona Strength : Medium Length : 4.8 Τα Delicias μέχρι το 2002 παρασκευάζονταν με μηχανές ενώ τώρα έχουν επιστρέψει στην χειροποίητη κατασκευή. Είναι το μόνο από τα πούρα της Fonseca που παρασκευάζεται με την μέθοδο Similar in blend to the other Fonseca cigars, the Delicias has the familiar light woody flavors and smokes in a linear, but balanced fashion. A good cigar to start with. Affordable and ideal for a beginner in the world of Cuban cigars. An unusual size, same as the Flor de Cano Tubulares. FONSECA Delicias mua trực tuyến FONSECA Delicias mua trực tuyến.Một mô hình Petit Corona với tên nhà máy Standard Mano với vòng đo 40 và chiều dài 123 mm.
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Fonseca delicias

Next. Fonseca Delicias. 49 SEK. Läs mer Antal-+ Köp. Betala säkert med kort; Maila oss Fonseca Delicias (Kuba) Home > Cigarrer > Habanos > Fonseca > Fonseca Delicias (Kuba) Fonseca Delicias (Kuba) 39,00 kr inkl.moms.

Only registered  Rozměry doutníku Fonseca Delicias Délka: 12 cm. Průměr: 1,5 cm.
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Fonseca Delicias is a 40 Ring Gauge x 123mm cigar. It is a very soft and mild cigar that will give you a 45 minute smoke.